JM van Rooyen is a researcher in agent-based modelling, complex adaptive systems and the phenomena of self-organisation and emergence in the urban environment. He has a background and PhD in Urban Planning, Geographic Information Science and Complex Systems Theory and is affiliated with the following organisations:

  • Royal Geographical Society (Fellow and Chartered Geographer (GIS))
  • UK Science Council (Chartered Scientist)
  • Complex Systems Society (Member)
  • Institute of Science and Technology (Member)
  • New England Complex Systems Institute (Member)
  • Association of Professional Futurists (Associate)

Complexsystemstheory.net is the product of an interest in non-linear dynamics and complex adaptive systems, which developed over almost a decade of researching agent-based modelling of complex urban phenomena. The objective of this site is not to focus on a specific aspect of complex systems theory, but rather to explore a range of disciplines, ranging from chaos theory to computational complexity and simulation.

This site will be developed continuously with discussions and research on various subjects, a study of relevant international institutions and also the analysis and presentation of work undertaken by other researchers,  scientists and institutes.